• How to Use I CAN Math Games in the Classroom
  • No-Fuss Reading Centers!
  • How Paragraph of the Week Homework Improved My Students’ Writing!
  • Putting Together The Ultimate Teacher Binder
  • Spiral Math Homework to Reinforce the Standards

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Top Ten Homework Tips for Teachers

  Managing homework is definitely something that many teachers struggle with.  Whether your issue is “How much homework should I give?”, “What is the best way to correct daily homework?”, or “How can I make homework more effective?”, I’ve got you covered.  I have lots of tried-and-true tips for “EVERYTHING” homework related! Tip 1 – Keep…

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Building Relationships with students is a critical part of student success. Learn from a veteran teacher tips and ideas for building student relationships.

How to Build Relationships with Students

Building Relationships with students is a critical part of teaching.  For many students, if they don’t trust you or believe you truly care about them, they aren’t going to buy what you’re selling.  For this blog post, I am doing something a bit different.  I spoke with a former colleague turned close friend, and teacher…

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My Classroom “Must Haves”!

When it comes to organizing and planning a classroom, every teacher has a few items they couldn’t possibly ever go without!  It might be that favorite stapler, a cozy chair, or an amazing resource!  I have gotten together with the bloggers over at Upper Elementary Snapshots to tell you about my Classroom Must Haves.  Let’s…

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